SubManager v1.2 now available - Includes icons, categories and more!

6 March 2024

I am happy to announce that SubManager v1.2 is now available for iOS, macOS and visionOS! This major update brings an updated interface as well as some features that were highly requested.

With SubManager v1.2, you can now set icons for your subscriptions. The update includes a wide range of services and more will be added over time.

For SubManager+ users, you can now categorize your subscriptions and easily filter your list by category. You can also set a payment method for each subscription, so you don’t lose track of which card was used.

Ever since SubManager was launched, the app was always available to download on Apple Silicon Macs. It was later made available for Intel Macs via the Catalyst app. With this update, the Catalyst app has been replaced with a fully native Mac app built using SwiftUI, enhancing the user experience. The new Mac app is available for all Macs running macOS Ventura and later.

New Mac app

While the app on iPhone keeps the same 3 tab layout as before, iPad and Vision Pro users can enjoy a new 3 column layout making it easy to filter between active subscriptions, categories and payment methods.

Updated iPad UI

The app continues to get better with each update, and I appreciate the positive feedback received over the last few months. The Black Friday sale has exceeded my expectations, and I am excited to be participating in the upcoming Indie App Sales event running from March 12 to 13. If you haven’t purchased SubManager+ yet, next week is your chance to get it at a discount!

As always, do send any feedback you may have via the send feedback button found in settings. Your feedback helps to shape the future of this app. Thank you for using SubManager!

SubManager launching Day 1 on visionOS

20 January 2024

SubManager for visionOS

I’m happy to share that SubManager will be available on Apple Vision Pro at launch as a native visionOS app!

With SubManager, you can keep track of your subscriptions in one place and get notified before a subscription is renewed. With the launch of the visionOS app, SubManager will be available on 5 Apple platforms, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro.

The majority of features currently available will be on the visionOS version as well. If you have already purchased SubManager+ on another platform, you can enjoy SubManager+ features on visionOS at no additional cost. SubManager+ features on visionOS include App Lock using Optic ID, marking subscriptions as ended and exporting to a CSV file.

SubManager for visionOS will be available on February 2nd when the device launches in the US. I hope you enjoy it and do let me know any feedback you have via the send feedback button in settings. More features are on the way, so stay tuned!